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age group: all ages
name: CODE RED
date: Saturday 27th March, 2004
venue: Venue details will be released on the day of the event, through the following two information lines: 1902 226 664 and 1902 262 522 after 6pm on the night... (calls charged at 55 cents per 20 seconds, higher from mobile and payphones)

Doors open at 9pm and will run through to the early hours of the morning. Get there early to catch the entire night of musical mayhem.

Music is our passion, the driving force in our lives that we cannot live without. It represents something different to all of us, a puzzle to some and a code that only we can decipher. This event is for the dedicated, the passionate, the appreciative of the music that we have available to us. How much do you love your music?

At codered we will be celebrating the music that has us moving more than ever, the styles and tunes that are pushing us forward and a selection of DJ's providing us with a soundtrack to this musical revolution. Taking their music seriously, this is an event created solely for the music first and foremost, and nothing else.

Playing single hour sets each, this is their chance to play what they want, when they want… there will be NO compromise. A true showcase of each DJ's skill and style, a true representation of their love for music. That is what we are all about, showcasing THE best in music and the DJ's that go along with it.
Nobody takes music as seriously as codered.

An important factor for our events is to provide an outstanding sound system. How else is music meant to be heard other than loud, clear… on a system that packs a punch. Not only is the sound important, but the combination of a good system with an awesome visual display consisting of a lighting design specifically for this event makes for a brilliant aural and visual fusion.
ROB RUNKO from SHOWTIME PRODUCTIONS has proven with extravagant displays at events such as FANTASIA and DREAMWORX that he is the man for the job. Uniting strobed lighting and intelligent heads with crystal clear speakers stacks, we are proud to have SHOWTIME on board.

Tune into any of the following radio shows listed below for your chance to win tickets to the event, other codered related prizes and simply to hear guest DJ’s and interviews with performers from the codered team. TUNE IN ROCK OUT!

CPX 99.9 on SWR fm every Wednesday night from 7pm ON THE DEX 89.3 2GLF FM Tuesday and Friday’s with Peter Fly 4pm - 6pm i98fm's Fresh Music Countdown with Ryan (98.1fm) weeknights 7pm -10pm Hardcore Overload on 89.3fm every Friday night 12 midnight onwards NRGHEAVEN 100.9 FM with S DEE Tuesdays 4pm - 6pm Double Dose with Fenix & Preacher - Friday nights at 8pm on rawfm - www.rawfm.com.au, listen online

MOBILE HOOKUPS www.mobilehookups.com new site provides the latest dance ringtones and its library of tones just keeps getting bigger! We are proud to announce that codered ticket holders simply log onto the site once you have your ticket, and you will find yourself receiving free ring tones for your mobile phone!

Leading Sydney party websites have a load full of tickets and giveaways planned! Log onto the list of sites below and join in a forum discussion for the event, reading interviews with all performers plus photos and reviews after the event!

DJ’s will also be submitting playlists of their sets, so log on and find out all the tunes that you will want!

www.echild.info | www.overdrive.com.au | www.sickparty.com www.mksydney.com | www.grooveinc.org

:::::weaver (raverbaby records):::::
Sydney's hardcore revolution is here! Weaver has spent countless hours in the studio, putting finishing touches on new material especially for this event. This will be the first time you will hear tunes such as 'Runaway' and 'Not over' as well as tunes you have become familiar with over the past year. Your chance to hear tomorrows music today!

:::::amber savage:::::
Our very own queen of hard trance has built a reputation for slamming sets all over the country. Her enthusiasm behind the decks, responsiveness to the crowd as well a collection of the latest most upfront tunes has made her simply, the most rocking chick that we've come to know to grace the turntables.

Having pushed the energetic and spine tingling freeform scene further in Sydney than any other, there was no doubt that the man would need to exhibit his collection of tunes at this event. Get ready for a set of the hardcore sound that's blowing minds all over the world. It's fast, it's furious, it's FREEFORM!

There is no party that he has not played! Having now been added to the lineup of every large scale party there is in Sydney, it's time you sat up and took notice that the name Matrix now represents one of the main players in the Sydney party scene. Matrix is his name, hardstyle is his game!

:::::phase one:::::
Phase One's main objective has been to always play upfront tunes and to provide something different form the rest, whatever party he may be playing at. Having a strong love for all things energetic and uplifting, it's sure that this set of slamming hardhouse and UK trance will get the room moving. Hard dance at it's best!

His passion for his music and a love for getting a crowd going nuts have been ingredients to securing a place at almost every large scale event over the past few years. For the UK hardcore fellowship, Suae is continually at his peak performance, not a night goes by that he does not disappoint, this one included.

'Dedicated' is the only word to describe the way Scape feels about his music. Wanting to push the hardstyle sound further, he has finished working hard in his new studio to produce his new limited edition mixed cd to be available AT THIS EVENT ONLY! coderedexposure : Grab yourself a copy, never to be seen again!

If there is one new talent that stood out from any other in the past twelve months, it would be Keely. Playing spine tingling hard trance at countless large scale events and the biggest clubs in only twelve months shows, she is one female who can kick it with the big names. 'Keels' on the wheels of steel… Don't miss her.

Morning man Tom-E will be in charge of wrapping up the nights proceedings. Can you think of someone as qualified as him? We couldn't… morning sets are what he is renowned for. Playing THE ABSOLUTE BEST selection of trance to accompany the sun as it rises, all the tunes you know and love. You won't want to leave.

It's been a busy year for Haze, the demand for one of his UK hardcore sets have been on the increase. He prides himself on playing those illusive tunes that no one else drops, and his work on his own production such as ' 'I get a rush' and 'Terrorising'. Only two of the reasons that made Haze a strong choice for the event.

If you haven't realised the talent of Shadower by now you must be living the quiet life! He has spent his time acquiring the best in hard trance, only to come out to be a true representation of the future talent this scene possess. This is your chance to check him out if you haven't already, you'd be silly if you did.

A background in studying and performing music, Antix took the step and began developing his own blend of hardcore. A remix of 'Cocaine' has become instantly popular in Sydney, and with no doubt his tunes such as 'Suck', 'Destiny', I'm Free and his new remix of his early production, 'Falling for You' will be on the playlist.

:::::travis tee:::::
The impression this talent has made on the multitude of people is a true accomplishment. Both punters and promoters alike have pricked their ears up, and now you see his name on a variety of rave lineups as well as clubs all the way to the coast. Hardstyle and trance is his choice, Travis Tee - making his mark.

Midian has not only shown his dedication to the Sydney party scene through his Scattered events, but his love for the Spanish Techno scene is as evident as ever. Otherwise known as 'Makina', he is a leader through being the only person in town to be dropping this bouncy energetic derivative of hardcore. Not to be missed.

One of the most enthusiastic DJ's to have ever graced the scene, Oky knows how to have a good time whether it be behind the decks or at his own Mystic events. A typical vinyl junkie, he has the collector of many a genre during his time. Hardstyle is on the cards tonight, no doubt his record box full of the latest and the greatest.

Having been part of this scene for some time now, Emass was first introduced to us many moons ago when he was known for playing his own take on hardcore LIVE! It's now 2004 and Emass has continued to establish himself as the next leading techno jock. Want to try something different? Give Emass a chance.

A DJ always has an unforgettable impression in their mind of their first set at an event. This is one DJ who left a similar impression with us when we first heard him mix his choice of banging UK hardcore and relentless freeform. And with that, we had no doubt in making him part of the team. We introduce to you, Ty.

Part of the new breed of hard music DJ's, Fitzy has worked hard to secure his place. Having concentrated on the hardtrance and hardstyle genres for some time now, his sets contain a mixture of the both. This is your chance to witness just another of the new breed names sweeping the town of their feet.

Having worked hard over the past few years hosting large scale events, it's his accomplishments outside the party scene that impress. Playing the Big Day Out three years running, recently performing with Elroy and releasing his 'Land of the Lost' are the accolades that make him a leader of the pack.

A rhyme-slayer, word-smith and a straight crowd hyper. Laying down a foundation to be recognised as one of the best, it's been worthwhile because his hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. As this man takes a grip on the mic, he will prove his place once again. Hold on, and prepare to get 'rek-ked'.

Hosting a crowd for an evening is one job that Obi can do so well. Having such a great relationship between the DJ's as well as the crowd is one thing, but being able to constantly hold each of their attention all night is a characteristic that shines through. Obi is here ladies and gentlemen, let's get the party started.
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Tickets: $20 inc. GST+BF
Outlets: Tickets for this event will be available at a discounted rate at all events leading up to codered - Tickets are limited, and ARE AVAILABLE NOW from the following outlets:

MALL MUSICWarringah Mall



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