age group: All Ages
name: Eclipse III
Wollongong Vs. Sydney
date: Saturday 17th April, 2004
venue: 1902 262 522
info: One again kinetic crew would like to invite all the Sydney & Illawarra
partygoers to come and experience that totally unique Wollongong vibe known
as eclipse..

The challenge: we believe that the Illawarra has some of the most
established & up and coming Dj's supporting the scene today.so now we put
out the challenge to all the Sydney Dj's to try and out do their Wollongong

Audio visual: If you heard the outdoor sound system at eclipse II then you
would know what we were talking about, 20,000 Watts of sonic bliss, loads of
intelligent lighting not just up the front, but set across the whole dance
floor area to totally confuse the senses, enhanced by the vivid sharp laser
light fired at you by the best.oracle laser.

Venue: Kinetic crew are known to never use the same venue twice, so for
eclipse III we've secured an amazing brand new warehouse style venue located
just 5 minutes from the Wollongong C.B.D and is close to public transport. Seeya there kinetic crew...

DJ/MC 6 deck battle - 3 decks & 1 microphone each - 2 hours


dave psi - qt - mc/dj destiny

marcos, cram, mc lee

yoshi - fenix - tom-e - suae - raptor - weaver - matrix

Tickets: $25 inc GST +bf
Outlets: Red back records (Wollongong) - One stop Deejay - Rock factory (Nowra) Rush'n (Parramatta) - Land speed records (Canberra) - Soundgarden (Hurstville)
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