age group: all ages
date: Saturday 10th January 2004
venue: 1902 262 522
info: After two sell-out events Team Imperial is back with Flashback 3!
The Summer Of Love. | The Winter Of Joy. | The Year Of Flashback.

We believe this year to be the year of the rave......the year of the raver. In all our years of partying we have never seen a more up for it bunch of people than those that have been attending the parties in the last year. You have given us promoters the inspiration to continue doing what we love doing and as such our scene has grown to an amazing state.... bigger vibes, bigger parties, it just grows bigger & better.

On the 11th of January 2003, Flashback was born on a night that went down in rave history! It's one year later and we're still going strong - back bigger than ever for our First Birthday! Over the past year we have played host to some wicked and innovative parties but it has all come down to the overwhelming support from you guys that have made them a success! Without you we would be nothing and it is because of you that we are lucky enough to be able to celebrate this special year, the year of Flashback!

So it is with our greatest pleasure that we invite you, the ravers, to join with us in celebrating our first birthday party, our “year of flashback” and your “year of rave”.... you guys fuckin rule!

NYE? Pffft it's over rated! Start your year at Flashback!


In a Flashback exclusive see Sydney's happy-hard royalty do battle! PeeWee, the old king, matched up against DJ Weaver, the new holder of the throne! We guarantee this is one match-up that has never been done, and will never be done again! If you missed PeeWee play happy hardcore at the first Flashback then don't miss your second chance cause there won't be another! PeeWee Ferris was the undisputed king of happy-hard in Sydney years ago, headlining all the old parties. At the first Flashback we brought him back to the sound after a 5 year absence. It was a performance that went down in Sydney's rave history. Now he's back to do it all again! In yet another exclusive this will be your ONLY chance to see PeeWee spinning both NEW-SKOOL and old-skool happy hardcore!! This time however he will be matching his skills against Sydney's current happy hardcore master, DJ Weaver. Weaver has built a name for himself as Australia's best hardcore DJ, with releases on the UK label Raver Baby and main sets at events like Utopia, Godspeed and Fantasia. Over the course of 2 hours the royal pair will play an awesome mixture of old-skool and new-skool happy hardcore! Will you be there to see it at Flashback 3?

PAUL HOLDEN vs ALADDIN - Field of Dreams 4 Set
The year was 1996. The golden era of raving was in full swing. It was the year of Field of Dreams 4. Since that weekend FOD 4 has become legend. It is the party that has gone down in Sydney's raving folklore as being the best ever event. Forget any other event you've been to, as the history books will forever say FOD 4 was king. Now for Flashback 3 we're stoked to say we'll be showing you all a little glimpse of just why FOD will never be forgotten. Paul Holden, the main man behind the Field of Dreams events and DJ Aladdin will be hitting the decks back to back spinning a "Field of Dreams" anthems set. Over the course of 1 hour they will pump out the defining tracks that made the Field of Dreams series, and FOD 4 in particular, the parties they were. Aladdin is known in the scene for his hands in the air anthem sets and this one will be the best of all featuring his trademark smooth mixing and awesome track selection pitted up against Paul Holdens 20 + years of expereince! All we can say is we cant wait to hear the crowd roar and see the hands in the air when the famous Force & Styles track "Field of Dreams" is dropped. We know you'll love it too!

It's Flashback. It's our birthday party. Would you expect anything less than the ultimate production? We're taking the production budget from both the first and second Flashback event and adding them together to create a show that is truly awesome. The boys at BLM, Sydney's leading lighting and production services team, will be bringing in truckloads of intelligent lighting heads, multiple full colour and argon lasers and awesome sound in a totally original stage and scaffold installation designed just for Flashback. And let's face it - you've probably read that all before on just about every flyer you've ever seen, so we won't talk it up anymore - we'll just let our previous two events production standards do all the talking for us! We trust that you know it's a Flashback party and that means A-Grade production.

At midnight when the clock hits 12:00 it will officially be our first birthday - and the celebrations will really kick off with a magical laser display!

Venue Information
The Flashback venue is the ultimate party venue! We're making the event a one arena party to keep it intimate and pumping in the main. No distractions, just thousands of people going nuts together to awesome music! As such our venue features a massive main arena with high ceilings to accomodate the huge laser set-up and room for thousands of dancing punters. There is of course an area to get away from the music and chill with friends and a full canteen/glowstik/merchandise stand to purchase refreshments and mementos. This is our birthday party - we're taking the production and performers to the next level which means the venue will be too!

Venue: call 1902 262 522 - After 6pm on the night
Charged at 55 cents per 20 secs higher from mobile and payphones

Flashback CD - Volume 2 - Mixed by DJ SPREE (USA)
We're excited to announce the second CD in the Flashback series will be out for this event. It's a 60-minute mix of awesome mid to late 90's happy hard by the USA hardcore master DJ Spree of www.spreeandadb.com. It's actually a live mix recorded at a USA rave in 2002 and has been enhanced and re-mastered for this recording. Featuring awesome scratching and a great vibe that only a live recording can capture we know you'll love it. On the night we will also be selling copies of the original Flashback CD, an old-skool anthems mix by DJ Elroy.

The Flashback Volume 2 CD will be given out for free with the first thousand tickets sold!!


Team Imperial Loves..........


Storm (UK), Spree & ADB (USA), Dywrekt (NZ), PeeWee Ferris, Weaver, Tom-E, Suae, Aladdin, Nervous, Fenix, Chester, Shade, Elroy, Trix, Marcos, Haze, Dave Psi, Destiny, QT, Phase One, Crystal, Neo Teng, Scape, Shadower, Kwest, Scott Baker, Paul Holden, Simon Sez, 23, Costin, Mox, Demz, Finley, Kaz, Midian, Oky, Simo, Sims, Lesser, Fitzy, Travis Tee, Adam Lee, Dave Infinity, Finley, Cypha, Jack The Ripper & MCs Losty, Destiny, Rek, Obi, Dave PSI.

Carlo Crew, Meils Mel & Ash, Aho, Fletch & Alex, Brian Walsh & Ian Jackson, Kellyville/Quakers crew, Overdrive, Sydneybeats.Com, MkSydney, Echild, InTheMix, One Stop Dj, Inhouse, Silver Entertainment, Aladdin Entertainment, Dreamworx Crew, Sounds on Sunday Crew, BLM Crew, Professional Edge Executive Guard, Hyrdo Dynamix Crew, The Bag on Boys, Ravers Warehouse, Laserpro, Cpx Crew, Rolly Visuals, Differential Gear, Darren Hart, Drifthost, Megadeck, State Sports Centre, 3D World,

Without you guys turning up to all our parties this past year we'd be nothing! Thanks for making us what we are today and if you keep supporting our parties we'll keep putting in the effort! Peace.

Flashback 3 is supported by:
Echild, BLM, Raverswarehouse, MkSydney, Overdrive, Xbox, Esdjco, Pioneer, Technics, Inhouse
dj's: PeeWee Ferris - 2 Hour Happy Hardcore Set  - Nik Fish Jumping Jack - Paul Holden - Fenix - Weaver - Suae - Aladdin Destiny - Tom-E - Phase One - Haze - C-Trix  - Refresh Shadower - Scott Baker - Trix - Kwest - MC Losty - MC Obi MC Rek
Tickets: When planning this event we had alot to weigh up. The fact that it's close to New Years Eve. The fact that people may need to be careful with their spending over the holiday period. Flashback's motto has always been to provide the absolute most we can for the ticket price we charge. We have never cut corners and never will. For Flashback 3 this is no different. The venue, the production, the performer line-up is absolutely top notch. You have our word on this. However because of this we're forced to ask for $33 for each ticket. We have kept the price as cheap as possible, other events offering similar things cost in excess of $60. Remember that with Flashback you get what you pay for! We promise that for this price we will show you the ultimate party! This event isnt about lining our pockets at the expense of our patrons - it's about throwing the party of the year!

$33 (inc GST + b.f.)

One Stop Dee Jay - Darlinghurst
Central Station Records - Darlinghurst

Ten Seconds Down - Chatswood
Mall Music - Warringah Mall

Sound Garden - Hurstville
Jolly Rogers - Cronulla

Mall Music - Penrith
Sandlia - Liverpool
Mjays - Fairfield
Supre - Parramatta
Mooks Clothing - Castle Hill

Outer Sydney:
Redback Records - Wollongong
Supre - Erina Fair
Supre - Nowra
Landspeed - Canberra


Special Ticket Deal
Buy 10 tickets at OneStopDeejay, MOOKS Castle Hill or online at RaversWarehouse.Com and get 1 ticket free. That's 11 tickets and 11 free CD's for the price of 10 tickets!! Why not get a group of friends together and buy all your tickets at once so that you go for free! Or split the cost of 10 tickets between 11 of you. This offer is limited to only these 3 outlets and ends on December 15th 2003.So get in early and get your ticket pack today!
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