age group: 16+ event
date: Saturday 27th November 2004
venue: Sydney Superdome - Homebush Bay
info: Each year you turn up in the thousands to experience the biggest and most prominent hardcore party in Australia. Well once again we have created for you, a party that will undoubtedly leave a mark in the hardcore hall of fame.... get prepared as we unleash Godspeed-Subzero.

Over the past 10 years, Powerhouse Productions have showcased some of the best talent Australia and the world has to offer. For Godspeed-Subzero we have hand picked a selection of the world's finest DJs along with the hottest established and emerging local artists to provide you with a line up that is guaranteed to pump out exceptional hardcore, hard trance, and hard style tunes until the early hours of the morning.

We pride ourselves on constantly delivering perfection in all aspects of the event to stimulate your senses and expand your imagination - from lighting, sound, production to entertainment, rides, performers and market stalls - we want to create a unique and special vibe and transport you into another world.

Each party we strive to raise the standards and with Godspeed-Subzero, we will be setting yet another new precedent of dance-party excellence.


The Sydney Superdome is one of the most exciting and innovative entertainment complexes in the world, nominated as the international venue of the year in 2003! As the largest live indoor entertainment arena in Australia, and with 89% of Powerhouse members voting Sydney Superdome as their favourite venue, we know this is the perfect setting for the biggest hardcore party of the year.

Utilising one of the largest and most versatile entertainment complexes in the Southern Hemisphere has enabled us to integrate electrifying and completely new production, along with visual and staging effects that are truly world-class. You are in for an unforgettable night that will be talked about for years to come. Make sure you do not miss out!


For Godspeed - Subzero, we have fused the finest technical experts in Australia with the latest technology to transcend all boundaries and create the most extravagant production yet. With the ultimate party venue to play in, the team from BLM will transform the Sydney Superdome into another world that will arouse your senses and take your imagination to new heights. The expertise, experience, creativity and time that BLM devote to every show is remarkable and their reputation speaks for itself. BLM consistently strive to create the perfect formula for the perfect party and for Godspeed-Subzero, we think they have got the ingredients just right.

An intense array of high powered lighting and special effects technology programmed and operated like no-one else can – integrated high powered, multi mirror laser systems – Don’t just hear it, FEEL the awesome Godspeed sound system and giant sub bass walls that have made Godspeed famous for thunderous crystal clear audio - BLM is just itching to show off the production spectacular they have created for Godspeed-Subzero.

Behind the scenes, the excitement is mounting in anticipation of this event…this will be the hottest hardcore party Australia has ever experienced.

INTERNATIONAL DJS - getting ready to rock the roof off the Sydney Superdome!

SCOTT BROWN - no 1 hardcore DJ - Evolution Records – UK

Rightfully known as one of Britain's No.1 Hardcore DJs, Scott Brown is undoubtedly one of the most important figures to come out of the Scottish music scene. As well as producing hardcore, Scott has hit the charts a number of times with his band 'q-tex'. Scott spends most of his life in the recording studio where he has produced tracks for labels all over the world including Neophyte, Traxtorm, Rotterdam Records, Mokum, Baby Boom, Industrial Strength, VHU, Happy Traxx, and so on....

Scott Brown's unique sound helped put Scotland and dozens of other hardcore artists on the world hardcore scene. Hear his distinctive sounds at Godspeed - Subzero.

BILLY “DANIEL”BUNTER - Honey Pot Recordings & Tasty - UK

Where do we start with Daniel, he has done it all! Whether it be his previous exploits with unbelievable Old School & Hardcore, or his groundbreaking efforts with Trancecore, to his current flavours of Hard House / NRG & Hard Trance - this guy has definitely managed to make a huge name for himself. One of the most prolific Hard Dance producers in the UK today and the brains behind one of the most influential Hard Dance labels in the world, Honey Pot Recordings, Billy Bunter has been praised by crowds from around the globe. Having toured in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, America, Malaysia, and Japan, he is a renowned innovator, always pushing the boundaries of dance music.

If you visit any underground dance floor or read any music press you will hear or read why...Billy 'Daniel' Bunter if he can't make you move no one can!

HIXXY - Raverbaby Records - UK

Since the early 1990's, Hixxy from Portsmouth, UK, has been at the forefront of the hardcore movement in England. He has toured the world playing in the United States, Canada, Germany and Switzerland and after his spectacular performance last year, we are bringing this UK superstar back downunder to rock the roof off the Sydney Superdome. Hixxy promises to deliver a set of uplifting hardcore, including fresh new tunes from his new label Raver Baby plus tracks from the past 10 years.

If you like your music hard, then get up front and witness the Bonkers Raverbaby, DJ Hixxy, at this year's Godspeed - Subzero.

BRISK - Next Generation Records - UK

helped to shape the current world of dance and in the process has rocked thousands of dance floors!

After 15 years of satisfying crowds worldwide his domination is still yet to make it’s biggest impact…really he has only just begun! This DJ has done his time, growing up in an era where there was one dance music; rave music, from which all forms of dance as we now know them have emanated in one way or another.

He is a DJ in every sense of the word, jamming, improvising, creating and delivering his music with technical excellence and style to his loyal and adoring audiences, educating them with the experience, knowledge and passion that is unique to Brisk, a master of turntablism and an influence to many!

KEVIN ENERGY - Nu Energy Collective - UK

Kevin Energy is certainly no stranger to any Clubber or Raver across the globe.
Utilising his knowledge and experience, Kevin has helped fuse the Hardcore and Hard Dance scenes into each other respectively, which has proved vital in today's movement of music. Kevin's unique and sought after skills have made him a headliner for each and every major UK hardcore promotion. His modern freeform style is a must for any rave event where he always manages throw down a set of energetic magic with his fresh and upfront music style. Kevin Energy really is the peoples DJ.... whether it be a Hard Trance or Hardcore set, Kevin knows how to really obliterate a dance floor. World-wide Kevin has left behind a slice of his power and energy that leaves crowds eagerly awaiting his return. Kevin is constantly unvealing new music and is in the middle of building future ventures and projects. The Future is Bright...The Future is ENERGY!

Welcome Kevin Energy back to Sydney to blow you away with an exclusive set for Powerhouse Productions at Godspeed Subzero.

K COMPLEX - Nu Energy Collective – UK

K Complex - a name that has offered so much to Hard Trance, Freeform and the Nu Energy Collective and holds the respect of every fellow DJ in the Hardcore scene. A sponge of inspiration, Mr Complex has earned the status as one of the key engineers and producers for the Nu Energy Collective. As an engineer, K Complex has added his fine touch to more tracks then you can imagine and has worked alongside the likes of Phil Reynolds, Kevin Energy, Spencer Freeland, Daniel Ro, Sharkey, Proteus, the *TING* Mark French, and many more. Picking up new tricks and techniques all the way this man has just got better and better.
Mr Complex's skills have grown along with his loyal following. He is now one of the most requested artists on the Collective's labels and certainly one of the biggest sellers.

Ready to rock for his first visit to Australia, K complex is also ready to unleash his newly discovered DJ talents to the unsuspecting Australian public at Godspeed - Subzero.

SHARKEY - Nu Energy Collective - Bonkers – UK

The world dance scene has come to love Sharkey's magical and original musical influence. As a peoples favorite, DJ Sharkey has headlined every major hardcore event in the UK such as Helter Skelter, Slammin Vinyl, Dreamscape, North, Vibealite, Resurrection, Fantasy Island, United Dance, Hardcore Heaven, Future Dance, Dance Paradise, Fusion, Tazmania to name but a few, together with a set in the main dance arena at Glastonbury in 1999. Sharkey is an extremely versatile DJ playing Hardcore to Hardtrance and many different types of old skool ranging from breakbeat, hardhouse to Hardcore techno and gabba from many different eras. The success of Sharkey's DJing career has been due to this diversity and knack for always standing out loud and proud from the every day trends.

Sharkey is a true pioneer in his field and a full on party mover...when Sharkey steps up and takes control it's time for the rest to step back. Get ready as he takes the stage at Godspeed- Subzero.

DJ AMS - Nu Energy Collective - UK

AMS - a rising name that has achieved high levels of respect from both the music Industry and its followers. AMS' Hard Dance and Hardcore production work has stood out from his career's inception. As well as his Hard Trance, AMS has been responsible for some of the most talked about productions in the Hardcore Scene. His latest collaboration with Robbie Long (Feelin' Good) has been snapped up for the newest edition in the Bonkers range 'Bonkers XI'. As well as this he has also had 3 other collaborated tracks (Freedom, Bodygroove and Twist of faith) that appeared on the previous release 'Bonkers X', not to mention three other tracks (Mind Control, Where's the party at? and Inverted
reality) that made it onto the series through bonkers 8 & 9.

The talents of AMS stretch much further than being a genius in the studio however! AMS always provides the right tracks at the right time by reading crowds and picking the right vibe to create that magic buzz. An amazingly skilled producer in his own right and an energetic DJ, AMS is a durable name that will be talked about for years to come.

Godspeed-Subzero will be Allen's first visit to the crazy party land of Australia where he is guaranteed to leave a mark of quality and excellence with his performance.

LOCAL DJS Our hottest local talents are back to strut their stuff on the decks!

Fenix / Weaver / Matrix / Team Rocket / Suae / Phase one / Crisis / Marcos / Spellbound / Mark n / Geoff de Chef / Tom-e / Crystal / DJ QT / Destiny / Dave PSI / MC Losty / MC D-Tek


- Over 25 of the finest international and local DJs.
- The Sydney Superdome - Australia's largest live indoor entertainment arena.
- Extraordinary light, laser, visual and sound effects.
- FREE amusement rides all night.
- Full service alcohol bars for 18+ crowd.
- Chillout arena where you and your friends can chill out and space out.
- Wild performers such as stilt walkers, baton twirlers, fire breathers and other talented artists.
- Dazzling décor displays throughout the Sydney Superdome and on stage.
- Eclectic stalls from around the nation massages, temporary tattoos, jewellery, clothing and much more.
- Free secure onsite Cloak Room.
- Huge parking station allowing cheap, safe on-site parking for thousands.
- On-site medical staff and first aid supplied by St. Johns Ambulance
- Polite but tight security for your safety

Tickets will sell fast– get in quick!
Don’t miss out on the biggest hardcore party of the year!

Godspeed is recommended for people 16 and above. Alcohol can be obtained with 18+ photo ID.

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