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age group: all ages (15+)
date: Saturday 7th February, 2004 (10pm-7am)
venue: Sydney Showground - Sydney Olympic Park
dj timetable:
Overdrive Arena Sundissential Trance Arena
10 - Panik vs Mixxy 10 - Mickey D vs Chia
11 - Daydream vs Spellbound 11 - Nervous vs Jumping Jack
12 - Cru-L-T (UK) 12 - Nick Rafferty (UK)
1:30 - Fenix vs Task 1 - Cyrus (Germany)
2.30 - Marcos 2.30 - Nik Fish vs Amber Savage
3.30 - Dune (Germany) 3.30 - Charlotte Birch (UK)
5 - Paul Holden vs Shade 5 - BeXta vs Pee Wee
6 - Chester vs Midian 6 - Yoshi vs Gaz James (UK)
The Scattered Arena Rewind Selekta Stage
10 - AntiX vs Yoda 10 - Tripolar
11 - Buggin vs Cypha 11 - Mashwun
12 - Crisis vs Crystal 12 - Retali8
1 - Ctrix vs Mayhem 1 - pH
2 - Refresh vs OHM 2 - Luna-C (UK)
3 - Exile vs DLX 3 - Luna-C (UK)
4 - Oky vs Haze 4 - Neo Teng
5 - Aladdin vs Jim Jams 5 - Marley
info: Click here to buy tickets for Helter Skelter. You can also order the VIP LANYARDS for $5 more.

Over the past decade, overdrive.com.au, Independent Reflections and Scattered have presented Sydney with some of the most memorable events in Sydney's history. From complete sellouts of the Macquarie University Atrium to the largest international rave DJ event ever held (at the gigantic E.G. Whitlam Centre). From the running of some of Sydney's most successful club nights (Progress, Generator, Logic, Thursday Delights, Institution and many more) right through to some of Sydney's craziest warehouse events, this collaboration of the most forward-thinking promoters in Sydney is what dreams are made of, and the event that we've come together for is your dreams come true. At Helter Skelter you will party with 5 of the hottest international acts in the world, 50 of the Countries most talented DJ's and live acts, located inside and around a massive warehouse complex that is surrounded by a huge open air chillout with carnival area, free rides, merchandising stalls, and much, much more. Sydney... This is as BIG as it gets!!!

The Sydney Showground at Olympic Park have come to be known as NSW's premier party venue, and this is because it can be described with only one word: ENORMOUS. Most large scale events have the one main room and then smaller "secondary" arenas to cater for the multiple styles of music. At Helter Skelter, we are proud to present not one but TWO main arenas, the overdrive.com.au arena and the Sundissential arena, both of equal size in terms of room and production. Both the main arenas are bigger than 6 full size Basketball courts, and that's only 2 of the 4 arenas in operation on the night. The ceiling height of the main arenas are some 30ft each, with massive beams crossing the ceiling, which are perfect for positioning giant moving lighting and laser rigs. The outdoor area is also gigantic, with a capacity for several thousand people. The venue complex has several unique chillout areas, full hot and cold food service all night, drinks and glowstix stands, clean toilet blocks around the venue and so much more that we can't include it all here. This is quite simply the ultimate venue for an event the size and scale of Helter Skelter.

Helter Skelter is set to have one of the wildest lighting and sound installations in the history of Australian Dance Parties. BLM Productions are the absolute leaders in the supply and operation of event production at almost every major Sydney dance party. For Helter Skelter, Brian, Ian and the guys from BLM will be installing an enormous amount of lighting, sound and laser technology, and programming it to produce an atmosphere more intense and more explosive than ever before. The World's leading state-of-the-art moving and intelligent lights, along with a massive install of effect and blinder heads, all brought together with some of the country’s biggest lighting rigs. Prepare yourself, as Helter Skelter is set to blow your mind.

Helter Skelter is a Production Manager’s wildest dream, with a massive installation set to produce one of the most spectacular 3-dimensional full colour laser shows that any dance event could possibly provide. Supporting the massive laser feast will be huge visual display screens, showing world class footage and computer generated images from all over the globe. With Australia's number 1 laser operator at the helm you can be assured of a show that will have you talking about the event for months, if not years, to come. The laser and mirror show itself is a multi-day set-up task, and will incorporate high-powered full colour Krypton lasers, blue/green Argon and YAG lasers to transform the event into a futuristic light, laser and visual extravaganza. With massive motorised mirror effects, laser screens, huge mirror balls, beam splitters, fragmenters and many more effects that will be tactically positioned throughout the event to create an atmosphere of pure insanity!


4 x Music Arenas - Over 50 DeeJays & Acts
The most intense Laser & Mirror Spectacular
4 x Chillout Zones - Outdoor Areas
Massive Visual Screens - Amusement Rides
Huge Carnival Area with Market Stalls
Multi Lane fast entry procedures for 1000's


HELTER SKELTER will feature a fully blown Carnival area with rides and amusements brought in from around the Country. The Carnival area will offer our patrons free rides all night, including such awesome thrill rides such as the Cha Cha, the legendary Dodgem Cars and much more. Plus we will have for your amusement and pleasure all the best Carnival games such as Laughing Clowns, Shooting Gallery, Catch-a-Fish and more. This area will bring the whole party to life, as you enjoy not only the music and amazing production, but all the best the Carnival has to offer. Roll up, Roll up, the Carnival is in town . . HELTER SKELTER style!!

Overdrive Australia has been responsible for such awesome parties as Hyperspeed 1-10, the Area51 series, the Logic club events and a lot more. Run by DJ Mikel Fenix, Overdrive pushes the harder edge sounds throughout Sydney and presents all the best touring international hardcore acts such as Scott Brown, Hixxy, Kevin Energy, Marc Smith, Brisk, Sharkey and the upcoming tours of Dune, Cru-L-T and more.
The Overdrive Arena will feature 3 of the World's best hardcore and happy hard acts, backed up by Sydney's premier hardcore and hard trance DJ's, in an arena capable of holding thousands. Get ready to GO HARD!!!

Independent Reflections, one of Sydney's leading club Promotion Companies - responsible for the regular weekly events Progress @ Gas, Thursday Delights @ the Box and Daydreams @ the Pavilion as well as the infamous "Lost in Bass" and "Femme Fatale" parties, AND responsible for touring such artists as Ultra Sonic, Wag, Tom Wax, SHOKK, Paul Glazby, Nick Sentience, 4 strings to name but a few THIS YEAR. Independent Reflections is incredibly proud to be involved with Helter Skelter, and to present its UK affiliate Sundisenntial back for a monster showcase of all that was BIG in 2003!! Featuring an arena of Sydney's most reputable club DJ's supported by the UK's best, its time to blow the roof of this fucker!! “See you on the dance floor!!

Over the past 6 years, Scattered has not only evolved into one of Sydney’s most popular rave events but also thrived as one of Sydney’s most innovative production teams. We do this by trying things that no one else is doing. From introducing the most mindblowing laser shows to showcasing the world’s best rave acts - keeping the thousands upon thousands of people who've come to our events always leaving with a smile. We've been at the forefront of every modern revolution in the scene, always mixing the old ways with the new to keep it fresh. At Helter Skelter that's exactly what we're doing - riding the new revolution with Sydney's best young acts, infused with the rave masters for 9 hours of pure mayhem. With Scattered, you know what to expect: The biggest tunes, the most talented DJs and a lineup designed to keep you on the dance floor all night while you're surrounded by a production that Scattered is reknowned for... See you at HELTER SKELTER!

Big it up Sydney as Rewind Selekta makes its debut at Helter Skelter! Old Skool Breakbeat, Jungle and Drum'n'Bass are a massive part of rave history, but for some reason it's been back-shelved here as times have moved on... Well that is no longer, as we stack the subwoofers for a sonic subfrequency showdown of Sydney's Kings of the broken beats - backed up by the best lyrical masters on the mic. To make sure this arena goes off with a bang, we're proud to have true rave legend and the undisputed king of old skool breakbeat Luna-C with us on our debut, showcasing a 2 hour set of the '92 to '95 jungle and breakbeat scene that he was instrumental in shaping. This one is for the Old Skool crew and the Drum'n'Bass massive as we welcome these sounds back to the rave atmosphere where they belong!

Dune (Germany)
The creator of some of the biggest rave anthems ever to hit the scene, Helter Skelter is proud to present Dune in his debut Sydney performance. AKA Oliver Froning, Dune is the mastermind of the seminal rave anthems "Million Miles From Home", "Hardcore Vibes", "Are You Ready To Fly" and of course THE anthem of the rave generation "Can't Stop Raving", still played by many a DJ to rapturous screams by the rave massive some 8 years after it was first released. Dune's style of uplifting hardcore and trance has stood the test of time, and for the first time Dune is here in Sydney - Australia to do what his music has done for years - rock the party!!!

DJ Cyrus (Germany)
Cyrus Sadeghi-Wafa, aka Dj Cyrus is without question one of the busiest acts on the German trance circuit. Starting on labels such as Spacemate and his own One Way Recordings, he then teamed up with Da Joker to produce tracks like "Milky Way" and "Moonlight", and also stunning mixes of Ayla's "Liebe", Watergate's "Heart of Asia", DuMonde's "See The Light" and of course the hugely popular mix of DuMonde's "Tomorrow". Since teaming up with Beam in 1999, Beam & Cyrus have become one of the most popular trance acts in the world with massive trance anthems such as "Thunder in Paradise", "Lifestyle", "Launch in Progress" "All over the World" and "Take This Sound". They've worked on massive tunes like Airscape's "L'esperanza", Cosmic Gate's "Mental Atmosphere" and more. At Helter Skelter, Cyrus will show you what all the fuss is about!

DJ Cru-L-T (UK)
A true pioneer of the global Breakbeat and Hardcore scenes, and co-producer of the first ever breakbeat record (Sesamee's Treet on Suburban Base), Chris Howell is not only a founder of the genres which have captivated the world but 12 years on still remains at the top of the scene. Founder of labels such as Kniteforce, Remix Records, Knitebreed and KFA to name a few, he has had major success with tracks like 6 Days, Take Me Away, Renegade Rewind and more. His versatility sees him remain one of the most billed performers in Europe, and with his label KFA in full swing & all releases selling out, there's no looking back for this rave legend. Chris is back for 2 sets - A new skool breakbeat hardcore set in the Overdrive arena and a massive old skool breakbeat and jungle set in the Rewind:Selekta arena. Old skool or new, Chris has the tunes to rock your night!

Charlotte Birch (UK)
One of London's leading Hard House Dj's, Charlotte Birch returns to Australia sporting a crate full of the UKs latest floor fillers ready to tear shreds off the Helter Skelter faithful!! Charlotte's following in the UK is beyond belief with residencies at London's most influential clubs Camden Palace, The Fridge and Xstatic, and her production work is already hitting the UK top 20 in the dance charts!! Signed to Tidy Traxx and with a Sundissential compilation already under her belt Charlotte is incredibly excited to get back down under and show Sydney her flawless style!!! "Cant wait to see you all again, bigger and better at Helter Skelter! Get ready for a night of white labels and unreleased tracks from my favourite artists Nick Sentience, B.K, Fergie and many more!!"

Nick Rafferty (UK)
What can you say about such an institution in the UK's hard house scene? Instrumental in the foundation of the infamous Sundissential events and with residencies and regular guest appearances at all the "BIG NAME" clubs and events in the UK including God’s Kitchen, Slinky, Tidy Weekenders and of course his own Sundissential, Nick is undoubtedly a DJ God in the UK!! With releases on Nukleuz and Tidy the stage is set for an amazing evening of mind blowing club classics and killer new tunes! "Be prepared Sydney, its time to unleash a wrath of hard house GOLD on Helter Skelter!!

We have produced the official clothing and merchandise range, including T-Shirts, Hats, Jackets, Keyrings and more. All of the Helter Skelter gear is available from the merchandise stall on the night. Get in now and get your piece of memorabilia.

Video/DVD Release - Live footage will be professionally filmed on the night, so get your smiles ready. The official video will be edited and released approximately 1 month after the event, and will be available from selected outlets.

CD Compilation - Overdrive Australia & Independent Recordings are releasing the official HELTER SKELTER CD Compilation. The CD will be available from all ticket outlets and Record stores Australia-wide after the event.

Trains run every day of the week, every 10 minutes between Lidcombe and Olympic Park Station, 7am - 11pm. Ferry Services operate from Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and Parramatta to Homebush Bay The Ferry Terminal connects with the 403 Bus to the Visitors Centre at the centre of the site. Bus services run regularly from Strathfield Station and Parramatta to Sydney Olympic Park. For information about Pre-booking parking or parking generally, phone the Sydney Olympic Park Parking Information Line on 1900 926 655. Paid Parking is available for thousands of cars. All car parks are security patrolled.

This is an all ages (15 plus) event. ID is required for licensed areas. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.


We have produced a large range of Official HELTER SKELTER T-Shirts, printed on high quality cotton, and featuring the HELTER SKELTER logo on the front, back and sleeve, plus a range of "new release" party T-Shirts such as our favourite, the "I ROCK" T-Shirt. Bring some extra cash with you on the night and snap up one of these limited edition T-Shirts.

At Helter Skelter we will be featuring two very special VIP BALCONIES. One "open age" in the Overdrive Arena and one "Over 18 Bar area" in the Independent Arena. For $5 you can grab a VIP lanyard (pictured) from the Merchandising stall on the night, which gives you access to either arena (ID required to enter the Over 18 VIP area. Strictly limited to just 1000 VIP lanyards. You can also purchase the lanyard from overdrive.com.au in advance. Don't miss out!

If an official T-Shirt or a VIP Lanyard is just not enough, you may be interested in one of the limited edition HELTER SKELTER SHOWBAGS. Featuring a range of Official Merchandise from the event, the Showbags will be available in limited quantities (only 200 available) from the Merchandising stall we expect they will sell out before the night is over.
The contents of the Showbag are worth $50, but we are selling the bags for only $35 - save 15 bucks!! The showbag contains -




Dune - DJ Cyrus - DJ Cru-L-T - Charlotte Birch - Nick Rafferty - Gaz James
Jumping Jack - Pee Wee - Fenix - Bexta - Nik Fish - Yoshi - Marcos
Daydream - Spellbound - Nervous - Paul Holden - Shade - Chester - Midian Amber Savage - Mickey D - Chia - Task - AntiX - Yoda - Buggin - Cypha
Crystal - Refresh - Ctrix - Mayhem - Haze - OHM - Mixxy - Exile - Oky - Aladdin Jim Jams - MC Rek - Marley - The Herbalist - Joose - Murda 1 - pH - Ritual  Phase One - Neo Teng - Retali8 - Mashwun - Tripolar || MC Losty - D-Tech
Tanzi MC


Helter Skelter is a massive all night dance event being created by the combined forces of Overdrive Australia, Independent Reflections and Scattered Events. These 3 production teams are coming together after the massive success of the Hyperspeed Atrium party to produce a show unrivalled in the Australian party scene. With a total sell-out expected, this mass scale all night party will provide the Sydney party scene with a totally over-the-top production, the World's best performers and much more. Tickets will sell out, that is a guarantee, so get to a store, or get on the net and secure your ticket now.
Helter Skelter is HERE, it doesn't get bigger than this!

EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFERS (ends Mon 12th Jan 04)
With the huge popularity of the Hyperspeed early bird tickets, we have decided to release a limited number of special early bird tickets for Helter Skelter. The tickets are only $50 plus postage and are ONLY available from overdrive.com.au and Cue Time Pool Hall in Castle Hill.

We also have a Group Booking deal - buy 5 or more tickets on Overdrive and get a FREE HELTER SKELTER T-SHIRT. This offer is not available at Cue Time.


Outlets: Click here to buy tickets for Helter Skelter. You can also order the VIP LANYARDS for $5 more.

Ticketek (Australia wide)
One Stop DJ (Darlinghurst)
Ten Seconds Down (Chatswood)
Cue Time (Castle Hill)
Sandlia (Liverpool)
Soundgarden (Hurstville)
Revibe (Parramatta)
Revibe (Parramatta)
Plaza Records (Penrith)
Mall Music (Brookvale)
Patsans (Newcastle)
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