age group: Open age
name: MK007 - BASIX

Saturday 31st January, 2004

venue: 1902 226 664 after 6pm on the night

Team Rocket [Dave PSI, QT & Destiny]
DJ's | Suae - Weaver - Matrix - Crystal - Midian - Pure
Scape - G.G. - Chorus - Fusion - Tigz - E.V.O. - Cooper
Sam Davies - Freefall - Genesis
MC's | Destiny - Dave PSI - Obi - Bubble

DJ QT & Dave PSI
When we first started all this madness we were just like you. We walked into a party excited to hear the music, see our friends and have a good time. That sense of adventure has always remained with us and every time we put on an event we try our best to make it fun.

Like many aspiring DJ's we also wanted to feel the joy of playing in front of a crowd, showing everyone what we can do and trying to play the music that had become a part of our lives. With our MK events we have always done our best to provide opportunity for new talent who desired a chance. To always provide an event that people remember as fun.

Support us and our future DJ's and we promise to give back the basix that have always made our events fun and memorable.

The Basix
The MK crew are back in 2004 with the party BASIX...

A great party vibe - A everlasting memorable event
A diverse performance lineup - A one room celebration
A music genre showcase - A atmosphere to be enjoyed

MK Basix is an event designed for you, the party people!
Let us return you to the basix of how it used to be.

We will be giving away FREE tickets to MK Basix and the brand new mixed CD by Team Rocket thanks to our proud supporters at Hardcore Overload on 89.3fm...

Tune in every friday from midnight for your chance to win!

Team Rocket (All our Anthems)
For over two years now Dave PSI, QT & Destiny have been giving their absolute best to produce the most energetic performances possible. From playing the killer anthems, vibing the crowd over the microphone or simply dancing away on the stage. Over the years we have also been known for playing the best in happy hardcore anthems from both the past and to the now. For this special set the trio will play a pure anthem showdown mixing all the killer tracks in one big hit.

The history of Muzikal Kloudz
MK001 - Saturday 13th October, 2001
MK2002 - Saturday 12th January, 2002
MK3 - Saturday 27th April, 2002
MK4 - Saturday 24th August, 2002
MK5 - Saturday 1st February, 2003
MK6FIX - Saturday 5th July, 2003

Venue location
1902 226 664 after 6pm on the night, call charges apply
calls charged at 55 cents per 20 seconds, higher from mobiles and payphones

Party times
Party starts at 10pm & runs through till 7am. MK7 DJ times will be uploaded onto the mksydney.com website on the week of the event. Please arrive early to avoid the queue & disappointment! MK7 is an open age event, we reserve the right to refuse anyone under the age of fifteen years old or people acting disorderly. Muzikal Kloudz 7 is a drug and alcohol free event! Please do not bring any markers, texters or anything you may consider questionable that may delay your entry to the party.

The cost
$20 (online from the MKshop) $25 (on the door)
Strictly limited capacity complex / MK Basix is an open age event - 15+

More info
For more info on MK7 you can tune into CPX on 99.9fm every Wednesday night from 7pm or the our buddy's at Hardcore Overload every friday night from midnight on 89.3fm. For more info online you can visit our strong supporters and friends Echild.info


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