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age group: all ages
date: Saturday 3rd July, 2004
venue: 1902 262 522 (after 7pm on the night)
dj timetable: 9pm-1030pm :: Exile vs Midian (Trance Classics)
1030-1230 :: Fitzy vs Scape vs Travis Tee (Hardstyle)
1230-130 :: Fenix vs Harlequin (OldSkool Happyhard)
130-230 :: Ctrix vs Lilith (Gabba)
230-330 :: Weaver vs Haze (Producer Battle 2)
330-430 :: Matrix vs Tome (Sublime Special)
430-500 :: Phase One (Hard House Rave Classics)
500-600 :: Mixdup vs Buggin (Old Skool Happyhard)
600-700 :: Suae vs Oky (UK Hardcore)
info: Fitzy vs Scape vs Travis Tee (2hrs) - Weaver vs Haze
Suae vs Oky - Matrix vs Tom-e - Fenix vs Harlequin
Phase One vs Keely - Midian vs Exile - Ctrix vs Lilith
Mixdup vs Buggin
Tickets: $10 + B.F. gst inc
Outlets: 10 Seconds Down (Chatswood) - One Stop DJ (Darlinghurst) - Mooks Clothing (Chatswood) - Plaza Records (Penrith) - Sandlia (Liverpool) - Mjays (Fairfield)
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