age group: over 18

AUSHARDCORE.COM presents the
Hardcore Coalition Series

date: Friday 27th May, 2005
venue: Castles Nightclub, 114 Castlereagh St, Sydney




DATE: May 27, 2005

START TIME: 2200 Hrs

DAMAGE: $15 before 11pm

RESTRICTIONS: 18+ Only, ID Required

LOCATION: Castles Nightclub, 114 Castlereagh St, Sydney



Over the last few years the Sydney hardcore scene has had many ups and downs though 2005 seems to be a year where it is set to grow to a strength not seen in a long time. The growth of local talent in both DJing and production is phenomenal and many of these talents are just being exposed onto the local and international scene. Recently we have seen the launch of a local hardcore/hardstyle label ‘Tera Australis’ and this will be the first of many local releases and labels, such as the forthcoming Zerohour Music to represent the genre.

Recently we have seen many hardcore internationals come to our shores, from both Holland and the USA, and have been treated to the sounds of artists like Promo, Neophyte, Lenny Dee, Evil Activities, Buzz Fuzz, Endymion and more. These big name DJs/Producers have played at venues from the size of the Sydney Entertainment Centre, The Superdome and Glenworth Valley, to small nightclubs like Castles. Several of our locals DJs, such as Ctrix, Crystal, Refresh and Raziel, have also had the opportunity to represent Sydney’s hardcore scene interstate in cities such as Brisbane and Melbourne.

Locally, the scene has been held together by a tight nit community of gabbers who regularly attend all night hardcore parties, along with those who attend the larger rave parties, which often feature several sets of hardcore. With different events focusing on different styles of hardcore, the local crowd is offered a wide cross section of genres to listen to across the parties.


The Hardcore Coalition series of events will serve a couple of purposes. Firstly, it will showcase a variety of the events and institutions that have been chosen to represent the Sydney Hardcore scene across the last couple of years, with each set designed to represent the general sound and vibe which that event/group has set out to do.

Secondly it will be used to launch the new www.aushardcore.com website. This website will be a central online hub for all news, info, downloads and discussion on the local hardcore scene. Designed to promote all events and push the local scene, this site should be another step in helping the size and quality of our scene grow. AusHardcore.com will be launched on the day of the first event.




SOCIETY - Refresh:
Over the last two years the Society nights have taken place every couple of months at Castles nightclub in the city. Providing the die hard fans with a regular dose of hardcore they have become quite popular amongst the hardcore faithful.

Representing Society will be Dj Refresh, part of Nexus Project, who is behind the Society nights. He has played at most events in Sydney, from hardcore nights to large parties such as Utopia and Godspeed.

More information on Refresh can be found on his website, www.djrefresh.com.



The Thrillseeka events in Sydney have seen some of the biggest names in hardcore bought to our shores, such as Dj Promo, Neophyte, Endymion, Paul Elstak and Chosen Few. Bringing crowds of over 1000 to these all age events, the Thrillseeka name has been a major contributor to the growth of our scene.

DJ Crystal, the man behind the party, will be playing at Hardcore Coalition. He has played in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin as well as most of Sydney’s all age parties, making him one of Sydney’s more traveled DJs.



In early 2002 the first Atmosfear event landed. Hailed as the first commercial all age hardcore event to hit Sydney, the risk payed off with over 400 people showing up. The second Atmosfear was a much more intimate affair with around 150 people partying all night to the hardcore sounds and in 2003 teamed up with the Society crew to put on ‘Fuck Happy’ featuring Dj Buzz Fuzz.

Representing Atmosfear will be Dj Ctrix. Ctrix is Sydney’s most experienced hardcore DJ playing regularly for the last 6 years at all age and hardcore events, and over the last 2 years as a part of Nexus Project. Over the last couple of years Ctrix has been delving into the world of production, with his recent tracks receiving strong reviews.


HAMMERTIME – Trashcoder:

The Hammertime events introduced the hardcore scene to another much regularly used venue, the Mandarin Club. Showcasing the more industrial and faster styles of hardcore, this proved to be a success, with strong crowds attending each of the three events to date. A fourth installment is currently in the planning.

Dj Trashcoder, a member of Psycolepsie, will be playing on behalf of Hammertime, and he will show his style of French and UK Hardcore. Trashcoder is a regular at hardcore events, having played at Society, System Feedback, Counter Measures, Debauchery, and of course, Hammertime.



Another of the Castles events, System Feedback has seen many harder acts behind the decks such as Mark N, Epsilon, Paul Blackout, Geoff Da Chef, and Negative Network, amongst others. These cheap events have seen many a beer been consumed and have always been popular with the regular crowd.

Showboat would have to be one of Sydney’s most under rated hardcore DJs, having played at only a few events in the past few years, such as Society, Debauchery and MK. Make sure you check out this mans skills as he blows you away, System Feedback style.



Counter Measures is another series to focus on the harder styles of hardcore. The three events so far have seen various established acts play, such as Deadman (France), Zip the Robot (France), Bioxeed (QLD), Epsilon, Hedonist, Mark N, Geoff Da Chef and more to large crowds at the Mandarin Club.

556a is representing Counter Measures at the Hardcore Coalition event and has also played at Society, System Feedback, Hammertime, Combaton and More. He will be playing several of his own songs, which are popular amongst the local hardcore crowd and he has also been known to kill D’s.

More info on the Counter Measures parties can be found at www.combaton.net



The first Debauchery event in October of last year was greeted with a great deal of hype, mostly due to the appeal of it’s venue, the Ashfield hotel. A large crowd arrived and was treated to a strong dose of hardcore from Sydney’s top local DJs. The second chapter was a night that will long be remembered by those who were there to see Showboat’s ‘birthday present.’ Details of the third event are yet to be released, but there is set to be an even bigger surprise instore.

The man behind Debauchery, DJ A4h will be playing at Hardcore Coalition and is set to show everyone why he is one of the more promising young DJs in the scene, having already played at Hammertime, Society and recently at the Shoreshocked festival.



Tera Australis is a local independent hard dance record label which was started in 2004 by local producer The Terrorist. It is deisigned to feature both hardcore and hardstyle, and the first two releases, Trust No One (Terrorist) and Discoshit (Mania) have almost sold out.

It is fitting that The Terrorist plays the set showcases the songs off his label, and he is set to blow you away with a thumping set of known and unreleased tracks that will tingle your ear drums.

More information on Tera Australis, and downloads, can be found at www.teraaustralis.com.au


ZEROHOUR MUSIC - Zero a.k.a. Retali8:

2005 will see the launch of RETALI8's label Zerohour Music, a label focused on the more experimental side of hardcore, incorporating a unique mix of hardcore, doom, techno and electro influences. The imminent first release features the Zero track "Forgotten Future" and is due mid 2005. RETALI8 has been playing around Canberra and Sydney for the last seven years and has played at smaller events such as Society and Combaton through to large scale raves like Hyperspeed and Helter Skelter. At Hardcore Coalition he will showcase the Zerohour sound (with tracks by himself and other Zerohour artists) and the slow
and pumping style which he has become known for.

More information on Zerohour Music and DJ Retali8 will be available soon at www.zerohour.com.au and www.retali8.com


FOR FURTHER DETAILS: info@aushardcore.com





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