age group: open age (16+)


Launching the Summer party season

date: Saturday 26th November 2005 (10pm - 7am)

venue: Sydney International Tennis Centre - Rod Laver Ave, Sydney Olympic Park


HARD WARS OUTDOORS - This Saturday night!


We have been asked a few times this week what we will do if it rains on the night of the event, and we want to clarify that we have secured cover for 80% of the main arena and second arena. So even if it rains the event will be going off undercover, but still outdoors!

Anyway, the weather report STILL says CHANCE of late showers on Saturday, so we have a good feeling we'll be in for a clear night.


Hard Wars would like to invite all the party people to get in the spirit of HARD WARS OUTDOORS by coming to the party wearing anything within our
HAWAIIAN BEACH THEME. Hawaiian shirts, crazy coloured board shorts, bikini tops and sarongs for the ladies. You can even come dressed as the guy on the flyer, with the white singlet and boardshots. We think having the thousands of party people dressed in this crazy happy theme will help make the vibe the best of any event this year. The best party of the year, the best vibe of the year. HARD WARS OUTDOORS is here.

First release tickets only through Overdrive.com.au and Central Station Records (Darlinghurst) only $35 plus booking fee ($20 cheaper than standard tickets) - On sale until Friday 28th October, 2005 

In the tradition of mega events like Happy Valley, Prodigy 4 (Outdoor) and Utopia Wonderland, the creative and production team behind Hard Wars is now proud to announce our massive end of year outdoor party.

We have confirmed what is possibly the best Outdoor entertainment venue in Australia! Actually forget that . . .it IS the best Outdoor venue in Australia! Just imagine taking the big mega outdoor parties from the past 10 years, bringing them from their “out-of-the-way, million miles form civilisation” venues, and slammin’ the whole thing, production, punters and vibe into a giant venue complex only 15mins from the City.

This has never been done for an all night outdoor party before. An absolutely staggering venue complex, perfectly suited to the biggest and wildest all night outdoor party . .. just a stones throw from the City Centre. You know the big all day parties in and around the City that attract 20,000 and more people. Well just imagine throwing an event like that throughout the night, and into the morning.

Imagine the lasers shooting to the heavens, imagine the daybreak as the Sun first appears, and the DJ spins the Anthems and Classics. Just imagine how amazing the vibe will be, all through the night, as thousands of people dance under the stars. We have chosen the perfect date for it as well. The end of November, nice and warm and perfect for a massive outdoor party. Also remember we are not out in the sticks, in a grass or dirt field. We are partying in one of the truly amazing Outdoor event centres in the whole of Australia, 15 mins from the City . . .Bring it on!

Everything about this event is perfect. The venue is close to the city, parking is plentiful, transport to and from the party is simple and easy, there are clean and comfortable amenities, toilets, chill out areas, no dancing on dirt or grass. The Hard Wars – Outdoors team is putting in 200% effort for this event. It’s the biggest Hard Wars yet, and it will eclipse almost all other events of it’s type over the past 10 years.

Prepare yourself for the launch of the Summer party season, at the wildest outdoor party ever.


Let’s talk Main arena . . . picture the giant events at Homebush, a massive stage, lights and lasers shooting throughout the massive stadium, wickedly large visual screens displaying live party, performer and punter footage, thousands of people dancing madly . . .

Now take the whole roof off and stand in awe as the lasers shoot to the Heavens. This is HARD WARS – OUTDOORS. A giant stadium filled with the best and brightest production, the gear you’ve come to know, and some new tricks you haven’t yet seen. Fantastic lighting and multi coloured laser action, thumpin sound, those brilliant visual screens you’ll see from all areas of the whole venue. This is gonna kick arse, and you know it! If you’re even a little bit tired of partying at these mammoth indoor parties (and we don’t know why you would be) just imagine partying hard at HARD WARS – OUTDOORS. You’ve never done this before . . .ever. It’s new, and it’s going to be awesome!

The vibe at this party will be through the roof, literally. You will stand among thousands of others, jumping around like maniacs and having a mad time. Your friends will be there, and all of you, combined, will help create one of the wildest parties evert held in Australia. You wanna miss this? We sure hope not. 

One of the most revolutionary computer programs ever created is the fantastic GOOGLE EARTH. A mere 10meg download from www.google.com and you can zoom in to pretty much anywhere on earth, using special Satellite images. It’s truly addictive, as you find more and more places to check out from way above the clouds. Your house, your work, your school, whatever. It’s all there in vivid colour.

Not only can you find your house on GOOGLE EARTH, but you can also see the massive SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL TENNIS CENTRE complex (pictured to the left). Take some time to check out the venue, the amazing complex that it is and the wicked location. You’ll see that the HARD WARS OUTDOORS venue is easily the most amazing outdoor party complex throughout the whole of NSW. Only a minute walk to a security patrolled giant car park, a mere 15 minutes drive from the centre of the City, and with all the amenities you have come to expect from similar size “roofed” venues in the Homebush Precinct. GOOGLE EARTH shows clearly and simply why you can expect to have one of the most amazing nights of your life. HARD WARS OUTDOORS . . .Welcome to the Summer party season!

The first thing we want to tell you is this party WON’T sell out . . . strange hey. Every other promoter it seems (including us in the past) tells you their party will sell out, and you damn well better get a ticket fast. Well guess what, we can’t say that this time, and for a very good reason.

Sit down and read the following . . . our venue has a capacity of 15,000 . . . SERIOUS! That's some pretty big stats you know, hell even the biggest venues in Homebush would strain to compete with that.

So we’re telling you the truth, we absolutely won’t sell out . . .guaranteed. So why would you want to buy a ticket early, instead of on the night? Well we do want you to “rush out now” and buy a ticket. To help you decide to do that, we’re going to give you special early bird ticket deals (see below). If you buy a ticket early, you get it cheap. If you buy it the week of or on the night, you pay more. No matter what though, for what we’re offering, we believe the price is reasonable. Why the hell would we overcharge when we have a capacity of 15,000?!

Autograph Booth
We first launched the Autograph Booth at Hyperspeed in November 2002, and it was hugely popular. So it’s back. Our internationals will be available to sign the official HARD WARS – OUTDOORS merchandise (t-shirts, posters etc, among other things) prior to their performances. Come on over to the booth, grab some cool gear and get your favourite International/s to sign it. Or for those really dedicated, get them to sign you

VIP arena sponsored by 3D World
We are setting up a VIP area just to one side of the main stage, and our International and Local performers will be hanging out chatting away during the night. To get into the VIP arena you will need a HARD WARS – OUTDOORS VIP Lanyard, which is available for $5 prior to the event from Overdrive.com.au or on the night at the Merchandise stall. 3D World will also have 100 lanyards to give away over 5 weeks, so check 3D each week to find out how to score one.

Over 18 Bar arena – Alcohol available
What would a mega outdoor party be without some “drinks with friends” If you’re over 18, come on over to the Alcohol area, fully sectioned off and offering a perfect view of the madness of the main arena. We’ll be selling standard drinks and some special HARD WARS concoctions, thanks to the nutters at Red Bull. Photo ID required . .. but of course!

We have just released the new Hard Wars tshirt, featuring the new "appropriate" slogan for Hard Wars . . . .GO HARD. Only 100 shirts are being printed and you will be able to buy one in the following size at HARD WARS on the Merchandising Stall
Available sizes
Girls sizes 8, 10 and 12 / Guys sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large



Voted the world's Number One Hardcore DJ, Hard Wars is proud to welcome back Scott Brown for his long overdue return to Sydney. The owner of Evolution Records and Evolution Plus, Scott is responsible for anthems that have touched generations of ravers - from the old skool days of Now Is The Time and The Rezerection Anthem (Do what ya like) to Nu Skool anthems like Elysium Plus, Definition of a Bad Boy, Gang Bang Society, Neckbreaker and Boomstick. He tours the world constantly playing everywhere there's a hardcore scene, such as Switzerland, Canada, America, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. His diversity as a DJ and a producer allows him to be one of the very few UK DJ's capable of playing at a UK mega-event like Slammin' Vinyl or HTID one night, and then jumping on a plane to play at a massive gabber party in The Netherlands the next night. Despite his world #1 ranking he's one of the most down to earth people in the international scene, and is easily the most recognised name in the Hardcore movement. Without question, Scott Brown is one of the hardcore elite, and a Godfather of the Hardcore scene. Do not miss Scott as he absolutely tears it up at HARD WARS OUTDOORS!


Legends of hardcore don't come much more famous than DJ Hixxy. He's without question one of the most influential producers, performers and promoters in the English Happy Hardcore scene, having been at the top since he released one of the most famous happy hardcore tunes ever written, Toytown, in 1996. Since then Hixxy has gone on to produce anthem after anthem like Together Forever, Thumper, Get in to Love and many more on his world famous Essential Platinum and NEP labels. In the year 2000 it was Hixxy who was the catalyst for the current UK Hardcore sound and also the revival in the scene, when he launched his next endeavor Raver Baby Records. With a plan to take a new direction in writing hardcore, Raver Baby has gone on to become the worlds #1 hardcore label, and the home of some of the most talented producers in the hardcore scene. He's been mixing the world's #1 hardcore CD series, Bonkers, since it's birth in 1996, and has now gone on to create the CD series Hardcore Till I Die (HTID), whose events (of the same name) are now regarded as the number one hardcore event in the UK. He's rocked Sydney several times before, so get ready Sydney - Hixxy's back for another hardcore attack!


One of the fastest rising names in the UK scene, DJ Impact has been making a name of himself not only for his awesome productions but also for his mesmerizing DJ sets. Having absolutely smashed it out at our giant HELTER SKELTER event last year at the Atrium, Impact proved he was certainly no one hit wonder when he returned in March this year with another set that had ravers talking for weeks after. His productions are of top quality, having had releases on Raver Baby, Future Beats International, Nukleuz, Go Mental and his own Infectious Audio label, which have been licensed off to the biggest hardcore CD series out there like Bonkers, Hardcore Nation, Happy 2b Hardcore and Clubland X-Treme Hardcore amongst many others. There was no doubt in our minds when we decided to have him back to grace the decks at HARD WARS OUTDOORS, and if you haven't been lucky enough to catch Impact yet then you better gear yourself up for an onslaught of top quality Nu Skool Hardcore.

Fenix, Suae, Weaver, Matrix, Haze
ILLFX (Marcos, Cram & Lee), Phase One
Team Rocket (Dave PSI, QT, Destiny),
Midian, Aladdin, Nexus Project (Refresh & Ctrix), Jim Jams, Chester & Reazn



First release only through Overdrive.com.au and Central Station Records (Darlinghurst) only $35 plus booking fee ($20 cheaper than standard tickets)
On sale until Friday 28th October, 2005 

Second release tickets available all stores only $44 plus booking fee
On sale until Friday 11th November, 2005 (two weeks before the event)

Final release tickets for $55 plus booking fee
available up to the night


Central Station
One Stop
10 Seconds Down
Leading Edge
Leading Edge
Castle Records
Mall Music
Ravens Nest
plus Moshtix outlets
(Castle Hill)
(Pennant Hills)

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