age group: open age (16+)



date: Saturday 4th February, 2006 (8pm - 3am)

venue: The Metro Theatre - 624 George St City


Alcohol can be obtained from the over 18 arena. Photo ID required.

Hyperspeed is one of the longest running Dance party series in Sydney, having reached the pinnacle of all night entertainment with the massive HYPERSPEED GOLD SERIES in November 2002 and HYPERSPEED ATRIUM in November, 2003. Since then we have brought the event back to a more intimate environment, with the first HYPERSPEED UNDERGROUND last February.

If you can remember the amazing HYPERSPEED GOLD SERIES, you will remember we pioneered a night filled with 6 of the best Happy Hard Internationals. Now in 2006 we are once again offering a staggering international lineup of Happy Hardcore acts, backed up by Sydney's premier party talent. We have confirmed a fully intense, fully legal, fully licensed inner city venue, the magnificent METRO THEATRE. This will be one of the most amazing Hyperspeed events ever, and will once again show why we have the abilities to create the best and wildest Open Age events in Australia. HYPERSPEED GOLD 2 is here!

With a comfortable capacity for over 1,300 people, this 3 area monster is located in the centre of the City, right on George St. The main arena holds around 1,000 and features a tiered dance platform so everyone can see the madness on the main stage. A second Over 18 arena allows for a more intimate group of 300 to dance and drink, while the third area, the Lobby, allows for a quiet area to chill and chat. We are proud to offer Sydney punters with the first ever open age event at Metro to feature such a staggering lineup of International and Local talent. We are putting in 110% effort for this event to both guarantee a sell out, and to supply every punter with the night of their lives, or at least close to it.

Why the strange Start and Finish time?
Normally our events run from say 10pm-6am, but this event will run from 8pm-3am. This is because the license at Metro only allows the venue to run till 3am, even for the over 18 events. We believe some people will be put off by this early finish time, and won't come to Hyperspeed, and that's fair enough. However, with our capacity set at 1,300 and our previous events selling 2-3 x that, we think we'll have enough interest in this event to attract a sell out crowd. Remember, we're only losing 1 hour of total party time as we are starting at 8pm, and really, a 3am finish could lead to a mad morning watching the sun come up in Hyde park or down at the Rocks (more on that online).



With tracks appearing on the legendary BONKERS CD releases, including the brand new BONKERS 15 - LEGENDS OF THE CORE, Euphony is one of the most in demand producers in the UK. He also has the massive reputation of having one of his tunes "Let me Go" released on Scott Brown's world famous label EVOLUTION PLUS, making him one of the only artists other than Scott to have one of his tunes released on EP. Euphony has also had releases on Raver Baby and his own Warped Science, and has been remixing for the likes of Bang and Ultra Sonic.

DJ Impact has been making a name of himself not only for his awesome productions but also for his mesmerizing DJ sets. His productions are of top quality, having had releases on Raver Baby, Future Beats International, Nukleuz, Go Mental and his own Infectious Audio label, which have been licensed off to the biggest hardcore CD series out there like Bonkers, Hardcore Nation, Happy 2b Hardcore and Clubland X-Treme Hardcore amongst many others.

AMS exploded on the scene as one of the most prolific producers for the Nu Energy Collective. Since igniting his career in 2002, this rising star has seen his work appear on every volume of Bonkers, with no less than six cuts featured on Bonkers 13 alone. Continuing his exponential rise, AMS launched his own label Switched On Records. Now ready to smash it up at HYPERSPEED GOLD, the main man from Switched On will be tearing up a full 60 minutes of cutting edge Freeform. For all you hard edge music lovers, this will be a quality set of tunes.


Over the last 4 years, Nemesis has graced pretty much every rave venue across the UK. After making the massive anthem, 'Do You Know' with Impact, things have just skyrocketed for this talented UK Artist. With tracks featured on Albums worldwide such as Hardcore Heaven & Hardcore Tunez & his name appearing on big labels such as: Relentless, Future Dance & Nu Energy, this guy is making himself heard. A first for Sydney & a first for Australia…The Nemesis is nearly upon us!!!

Creator of the killer UK hardcore label RAW ELEMENTS, DJ Uplift has been mixing since 1993. He is resident at RAINDANCE events and performs at Slammin' Vinyl, United Dance, Elation together with overseas gigs in Canada, USA and now for the first time, Australia. Apart from releasing stompin’ hardcore tunes such as Night Flight, Hard Jam, Brutal and Hand of God on his own label, he has also released tunes on DJ Sy's Quosh label as well as Cru-l-T's Kniteforce label. His tracks have appeared on legendary CD compilations such as Bonkers 12 and 13, Hardcore Heaven, Masters of Hardcore and Happy Hardcore Vol 3. This will be Uplifts first visit to Australia and he promises to bring a fresh UK hardcore sound to HYPERSPEED GOLD 2

HectTech, Essential Platinum and Raver Baby
DJ Storm is well known in the UK hardcore scene, having produced tunes on labels like HectTech, Essential Platinum and Raver Baby together with countless happy hardcore remixes for Dougal, Force & Styles, Bang, Vinylgroover and more. With partners Euphony and Spinback, he’s built a hardcore empire with a monstrous five (!) labels to his name including Warped Science, Destructive Force, Cloned, Underground and Moondance. We are pleased to welcome Storm to our event, and having both Euphony and Storm at the same Sydney event, who knows what might happen.

Hardcore Heaven, Bonkers, Helter Skelter and Slammin' Vinyl
A player in the happy hardcore game for close to a decade now, DJ Stompy has produced over 40 records including the timeless club hits, 'I Believe' and 'Come and Follow Me'. In addition to running his own label, New Era, his tracks have earnt pride of place on compilations like Hardcore Heaven, Bonkers, Helter Skelter and Slammin' Vinyl. Having spent time whipping up a frenzy in the States, Japan and Canada and Utopia New years Eve, Stompy is now ready to tear it up UK style at Hyperspeed Underground 2.


Fenix vs Suae vs Weaver
(The creator of Hard Wars vs ITM Top 50 DJ vs Raver Baby Producer)

(Massive 3 hour Hard Trance & Hard Style set)

(Marcos, Cram & Lee)

Team Rocket
(Dave PSI, QT & Destiny)

Nexus Project
(Refresh & Ctrix)


(Helter Skelter)



First 600 TICKETS only $25+bf from
Central Station Records (Darlinghurst)
That's right, $25 for 5 Internationals!!!

Final release $44+bf from

We are limited to only 1,300 tickets, and with 5 International acts, we knew from word go we'd sell out, hell our first Hyperspeed Gold had 2,500 people and Hyperspeed Atrium had 4,200. Knowing we would sell out no matter what, we could have offered a standard "high price" ticket, but we don't want to be greedy. We want to offer the best deal we can, and we want every punter to think of this Hyperspeed event as their own VIP party. So having said that, we have come up with an amazingly cheap first release ticket. Here's how it works, the first 600 people to get in quick and buy a ticket from Central Station Records will only pay $25 plus bf. That’s $25 for 7 internationals. The final 700 tickets through Central, Ticketek, the Metro and Overdrive.com.au will be a flat $44 + bf. If any tickets are left on the door (and we doubt it), they will be $50.

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