age group: 18+ event

System Feedback 4

date: Friday 15th of April 2005
venue: Castles Nightclub, 114 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Music: Gabber, Breakcore, Speedcore, Gabber kinky house anthem's, Doof doof music & other stuff.

Who's playing: Retali8 Vs Dauntless, Sexus Project (Refresh & Ctrix), Geoff Da Chef, Maladroit Vs Misanthrope (Live P.A) last set b4 1 of them fucks off to tour europe again, Terrorist Vs Mechanizm (Gabber kinky house anthem's), Psycolepsie (Fumo & Dee Faced).

Highlights on the night: Big system, Drunk ppl , Crazy dancing (Including line dancing and barn dancing). Hot topless chicks (We hope). massive 60000000 watt argon spinny wacky laser crab stick.


Tickets: Damage: $10

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