age group: open age (16+)



date: SATURDAY 22ND JULY, 2006 - 10PM-7AM



Special Deal on Overdrive and at Central Station - 1 week only
This works out to be just $33 per ticket if you buy 3 tickets.

Offer ends Friday 7th July. Get to it & get yourself a cheap deal :)

Enter the realms of the Helter Skelter's Dark City, a place where the creatures of the night congregate to worship the darks sounds of rave. A place of dark energy and twisted distortions of reality, where the bright lights of uplifting melodies illuminate the night sky through the infinite darkness as thousands of people raise their hands in climax to the sound. A place where the darkest souls are exiled, and where their banished sounds of hard trance, hardstyle and hardcore reign supreme. With the night led by Germany's true champion of everything trance, the one and only DJ Dean, supported by Sydney's masters of sound manipulation, the Dark City will provide yet another chapter of pure anarchy in the Helter Skelter series. To date we've supplied you with some of the most twisted yet exhilarating events out there, but this will be nothing compared to the Dark City. We've never attempted a party quite like this before, something where we're focusing on creating an environment and an atmosphere, not just a party!
This is the Dark City. Do you dare enter?

The True Champion of Trance, we could not have ever imagined anyone better to headline the Dark City and take the creatures of the night on a journey through the most upfront trance the world has to offer. The head resident of the world's most famous hard trance club, Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany, DJ Dean is a global trance superstar who travels the world playing massive gig after gig on various continents. Mixer of the Tunnel Trance and Tunnel DJ Networx series, the largest and highest distributed trance CDs in the world, DJ Dean has a massive fanbase that stems across every major continent in the world. Not just being content with a DJ and CD master, Dean is also a producer of the highest calibre . His productions speak for themselves - the massive Balla Nation, It's a Dream, Protect your Ears, Planet Earth, Music is My Life and many others - he's produced several seminal trance anthems for the dark generation. After absolutely tearing the roof of at Helter Skelter: Live The Experience, in a set regarded my most trance purists as one of the best ever played in Sydney, DJ Dean is back to take control of the Dark City.

Helter Skelter's venue reputation is of complete first rate. Three parties, three excellent venues. For the Dark City, we will supply no less than our previous excellence. When we began the concept of the Dark City, we knew exactly what we wanted to create. To do this, we had to have the right venue, the right blank canvas if you will. In our minds, that left us with no choice, we had to go back to what we regard as the best venue in Sydney - The Atrium. For those of you who remember Helter Skelter 2 in July 2004, you will of course know what all the fuss is about. For those that weren't there, or had such a mad time, they can't remember, here's the run down. Imagine a beautiful 3,000 capacity arena with a huge mezzanine level - enabling you to look down on the main stage from above. Purpose built polished wooden dancefloors have been installed for easy dancing, and all of the required amenities are there to make sure you're comfortable all night. A stage is raised at the front of the venue so that you can see your favourite performer, and as the arena is designed for entertainment the production and decor seem to fit perfectly with the venue. With a full service soft drink bar and alcohol bars (for those over 18), munchies, a cloak room and a massive outdoor chill-out area to compliment the giant main arena, the Atrium is a true event paradise. It has hosted some of Sydney's most legendary parties, and after a two year break the Atrium is back - ready to be converted into the Dark City.

To create the Dark City, the design engineers from Helter Skelter will be starting with a raw venue and treating it like a blank canvas - ready to be manipulated with the ideas that the artist has in mind. Our vision is dark.

Think Gotham City. Think Post-Apocalyptic. Think Industrial.

Using the many concepts created by the team, a stunning array of production, backdrops and visions will pierce through the venue, creating a dark urban landscape for all to experience. From the DJ booth to the stage, everything has been thought of to create a true dark city environment. But don't just think this party is all about the look. We've got the Turbosound rig experienced at our Showgrounds and Atrium events, a powerful production to compliment the stunning image-scapes we design using the latest venue design techniques. You'll truly be amazed yet enticed by entering the Dark City, as your eyes will feast on the pleasures of the Dark City just as much as your ears will.

(Tunnel Trance Germany)

together with
Fenix - Nervous vs Steve Hill
Suae - Impact - Matrix
Team Rocket (Dave PSI, QT & Destiny)
Midian & MC Swift


In March this year, when we produced the HELTER SKELTER HARD DANCE NATION event, we chose a venue that limited us to only 1,000 patrons. With the Internationals we had on offer, we knew the event would sell out, no matter what! Our ticket price for that event, we believed was a reasonable $44+bf. Now for our July event - HELTER SKELTER - THE DARK CITY, we have moved to a much bigger venue, which has a capacity of some 3,000 people. Once again, we know for a fact we will sell out! Even at $55 for every ticket, this event would reach capacity, probably before the night. But to absolutely guarantee a sell out, we are doing something completely stunning. We are releasing early bird tickets through Overdrive.com.au and Central Station Records. These tickets are an amazingly low $35+bf. You will have until 4 weeks before the event to snap up one of these cheap tickets.

But we won’t stop there. From now until 2 weeks before the event, Friday 7th July, all our other regular outlets (excluding Ticketek) will be offering their own special tickets, for just $44 +bf. After these special offers run out, all tickets will be $55 + bf, which we believe is still a great price.

So that's it, you think this event will sell out, the smart money says so! If you wanna come and party hard Helter Skelter style, get your wallet out early and grab a cheap ticket. Get ready to enter the Dark City!

Special Deal on Overdrive and at Central Station - 1 week only
This works out to be just $33 per ticket if you buy 3 tickets.

Offer ends Friday 7th July. Get to it & get yourself a cheap deal :)

Second release tickets all stores $44+bf available now
On sale until Friday 7th July, 2006 (2 weeks before the event)
Final release tickets $55+bf - available up to the night

Central Station (Darlinghurst)
TEN Seconds Down (Chatswood)
Leading Edge (Parramatta)
Leading Edge (Penrith)
Leading Edge (CARNES HILL)
Castle Records (Castle Hill)
One Stop (Darlinghurst)
Mall Music (Brookvale)
Mjays (Fairfield)
Ravens Nest (Pennant Hills)

Tickets available for $55+bf from TICKETEK Australia wide
Tel 02 9266 4800 Or online at www.ticketek.com

HELTER SKELTER is recommended for people 16 years and above.
Alcohol can be obtained with 18+ photo ID : drug free event

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