age group: open age (16+)



date: Saturday 18th March, 2006 (9pm - 6am)

venue: 1902 262 522 After 6pm on the night


The hardest decision we faced when planning this event with the likes of Neophyte and Promo was to keep Helter Skelter above ground, like our two previous events at the Sydney Showgrounds and The Macquarie University Atrium, or whether to take Helter Skelter underground, where real hardcore belongs. The decision we made was a simple one: Underground. With that in mind, there'll be no lapse of the standards that we employed at our previous two events. It will be the same Turbosound rig that hammered in the Showgrounds and the Atrium. The lights, lasers and production will all be of a superior quality. And as for the venue itself, Helter Skelter hasn't let you down yet and it certainly won't now. We're going back to the underground, the heart and soul of the scene. Is the venue industrial? Or is the venue an arena? Is it a sports stadium? Or is it new facility altogether? That's the one surprise we'll save for the night. Rest assured though, it will be a place to party that will have all the features any hardcore fan could ever want, and then some. This is Helter Skelter 2006... You won't be disappointed.

Welcome to Helter Skelter's Hard Dance Nation, designed and developed for those who love their music hard and dark. Featuring the two greatest hardcore DJ's Holland has ever produced, as well as the greatest living legend in the German crossover scene, Helter Skelter has been planned from day one to give punters the best of the hard sounds the world has to offer. You might ask why we're theming this event the "Hard Dance Nation". The answer is simple. This party represents the finest in hard music. Hardcore, Gabber, Hardstyle and anything else Hard you can think of will all be mashed up with our acts supported by the finest local DJ's we have to offer. This is the epitome of hard diversity, a party for all those who love their music deep, dark and hard. This is the Hard Dance Nation. Are you ready to enter?

The man. The legend. One of the most famous and prolific performers and producers in the global hardcore scene, DJ Neophyte is the brain behind the enormous collection of tunes the likes of Neophyte and Bodylotion have released. Right from the early days of tunes like Back in my Brain and A Rotterdam Gabber, Neophyte's music has constantly set the standard for other hardcore producers to follow. A look at his release history shows some of the biggest hardcore tunes of all time: Hardcore To Da Bone, Braincracking, Army of Hardcore, D.R.U.G.S, Number One Fan, The Tunnel, Bastard/Asshole, Execute, Happy is voor Hobos and many, many more. Yet, given the fact that he's been releasing since 1992, Neophyte can still be considered one of the most innovative people in the hardcore scene. His DJ performances are of legendary status, bringing together the newest sounds fresh out of Holland. After his set you will believe you have just had a glimpse of the future of hardcore - a remarkable fact given the long history this man has behind to the decks.
Owner of the infamous Neophyte Records, and certainly the most recognised name in the global hardcore scene, there's nothing that this man has not achieved. It almost is unfair to even attempt to describe his stature, such is the respect he commands from his fellow producers and punters alike. In his first visit to Sydney for two years, Neophyte will be visiting as a part of the Neophyte World Tour 2006, and there will be plenty of Neophyte DVD's, CD's and World Tour 2006 shirts to be given away during his set. Sydney, you better be prepared for this. Neophyte hardcore; do we need to say more?

Master of The Third Movement, Seminal crowd favourite DJ Promo (Sebastian Hoff) came into contact with the hardcore sound and started DJing in 1992. His unique style has lead Promo to playing venues such as The Rex Club in Paris and next to Carl Cox in the Sports Arena in Los Angeles. Moreover, he has demonstrated his mixing skills on major festivals like Defqon, Mysteryland, Thunderdome, A Nightmare in Rotterdam and almost in every important club in Holland. In 2004 he closed off the world's leading hard event "Sensation Black", where in the only 90 minute set of the night he played one of the most legendary hardcore sets of modern time in front of 44,000 people, which was downloaded by hundreds of thousands of hardcore fans worldwide. Sensation Black is what Promo calls 'one of the milestones' in his career.

As a producer, Sebastian must be given credit for revolutionizing the hardcore sound. With that in mind, his label's name The Third Movement seems somewhat ironic, as it's the third phase of Dutch Hardcore where Promo has grown into one of the true masters of hardcore. From his early releases on Waxweazle Records, ID&T, BZRK and many more, these all laid the foundations for Promo's infamous "Promo File" series - some of the most sought after hardcore records of all time. Some of his productions like Fixxxed, Let da Bass Boom, Wayz of da Underground, Phreak Ya Speaker, Dancefloor Hardcore, The Industry Can't Stop Me, Up Yours! and Not Down With The Standard regularly sell in the hundreds of dollars on the second hand market which gives you a taste of the demand of his releases, and the profound effect they've had on the global hardcore scene. The sound of Promo is paradoxically described by him as 'accessibly dark'. Get ready Sydney, the King of Pain is back!

What's there that needs to be said about the most popular hard dance crossover act of all time? Brooklyn Bounce have sold hundreds of thousands of albums, have charted everywhere from the Billboard charts in the USA to the ARIA charts in Australia and everywhere in between, and have produced some of the biggest hard dance anthems of this new millennium. "Bass Beats & Melody", "Club Bizarre" and "Born To Bounce" speak for themselves, let alone the myriad of other tunes released. Despite the departure of DJ Double M from the band, DJ Bonebreaker continues to travel all over the world, with regular tours around Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa keeping him busy in between production time and managing his ultra successful label "Mental Madness Records".

Bonebreakers two previous tours to Australia have been massive successes, with many venues complete sellouts, which bears testament to the name's ongoing success. The new Brooklyn Bounce single "Sex Bass & Rock and Roll" is looking to be another smash-hit for the act, with the massive trademark Brooklyn Bounce basslines and kickdrum with a huge guitar riff a certainty to find its way into the record box of major hard dance DJ's all over the country. Brooklyn Bounce absolutely rocked the last Helter Skelter, then in the follow up show at Scattered DJ Bonebreaker went one step further and played what many punters rated as one of the best international sets on 2005. Now, in his third visit to Sydney, prepare for the heat to be turned up even more as Brooklyn Bounce DJ Bonebreaker takes you on a hard dance journey that you won't be soon forgetting!

Fenix / Geoff Da Chef / Suae / Nexus Project
Team Rocket / ILLFX
Weaver / Matrix / Midian / Crystal / Spank
Aladdin / Jim Jams



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