age group: Open age



date: Saturday 3rd November, 2007

venue: The Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing Centre


XS Bass productions

Dj Suae
Combine his infectious style of driving melodies, energetic synths, and beautiful vocals, with a reputation for constantly delivering outstanding and memorable sets - it is little wonder that Suae is renowned for being Sydney's favourite Hardcore DJ.

As one of the scenes busiest DJ’s, you can catch him playing Sydney’s favourite clubs such as Basscode, GAS, Plastic, ARQ, Space, & Daydreams; along with the biggest dance events such as Utopia, Two Tribes, Fantasia, Godspeed, Prophecy, Helter Skelter and Hardwars

Dj Dowshi
Dowshi has always possessed a passion and craving for music. at the age of 12 Dowshi had begun Producing music. Inspired By early Artists such as Sash, and Darude, his exceding talent pushed him further to the new dance era of Hardcore, planted by the Seed of the Ledgendary Raver Baby Crew, his desire to be the heart and soul of such an Indusrty ever grows, and his fiery passion hasn't stoped ever since...

Orbit1 (Sam Gonzalez) who originally hails from Sydney, Australia is one of the most promising up and coming hardcore producers in this era.

Previously producing under "The Acolyte" moniker, Sam has achieved success internationally with releases on Executive Records (AUS), Electronic Records (UK), Addictive Vinyl (UK) Electroplates (UK), and Dusk Til Dawn (UK), Relentless Vinyl (UK), Sam's spread like wildfire across the globe having material featured on various albums such as Hardcore Tsunami 2, Hardcore Tunez 3, Hardcore Heaven 3 & 4, Hardcore Euphoria, Hardcore Junkieee Vol 2, Drift Trance, and even having tracks featured in Konami's DDR games and as the main theme for Burger King's lastest advertising campaign.

ANARCHIST (say Anna-kist) -noun- 1.
"a person who believes that all organised authority should be abolished., Hey my name's Troy Im 19 years old and from sydney. i loooooooooovvve my music. MUSIC IS MY LIFE.. The harder styles is where my heart is at...Hardstyle and Gabber. Although i generally just play hardstyle,"

backed up by an awesome local line up

- Loose Cannon
-Silent Co
-Simon Hunter

Tickets: In advance and on the door

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