age group: Open age 15+


Scattered XI featuring Scooter
The Ultimate Aural Orgasm DJ Tour 2007

date: Saturday 17th November, 2007 (9pm-7am)

venue: Whitlam Leisure Centre (Memorial Ave Liverpool)


Scattered XI featuring Scooter
The Ultimate Aural Orgasm DJ Tour 2007

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Free hot food till midnight
plus more . . .

  The biggest selling dance act of all time
The worlds number one hard DJ
The godfathers of freeform
The biggest indoor sports stadium in Sydney
The most advanced production technology
The leading Sydney performers
The night of your life.

Once in a generation an event comes to pass that is etched in the scenes mind forever. An event that seems to cross the boundaries of dance, where thousands upon thousands of people from the scenes past, present and future gather to celebrate. An event that has been foretold, anticipated and expected for over a decade. An event that hundreds of thousands of people have imagined and longed for. An event that will live in the mind for a lifetime. That event is here. That time is now. You have waited, you have dreamed and you have hoped, and finally we are proud to present you with the most anticipated performance in our dance music history. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Scattered is proud to return in it's eleventh instalment featuring the one and only...

Exclusive Decks'n'Effects performance feat. Incredible MC H.P. Baxxter Live on the mic! The Ultimate Aural Orgasm Tour 2007
We want to ask you something: are you ready for the sounds of Scooter? This question was posed in Scooter's first smash-hit "Hyper Hyper", and a question we are now thrilled to ask you. Without question the most demanded act in Sydney's dance music history, Scooters music has transcended through generations of dance music punters, with their classics still played as often as their new hits. Scooter have managed to evolve constantly, keeping up a constant barrage of hits that has sold them millions of records around the world. From the Logical Song to Endless Summer, from Nessaja to Always Hardcore, Back in the UK, Maria, Fire and to their brand new smash-hit The Question Is What Is The Question, Scooter remain the worlds leading dance act with millions upon millions of fans all over the world. Finally, 13 years after Hyper Hyper first hit out stores, they are here to deliver the performance that Sydney has been craving for years. Michael Simon will be in charge of the beats, Rick J. Jordan will be rockin' the audio and the Radical MC HP Baxxter will be doing what he does so well, rockin the crowd live on the microphone with all of Scooter's latest and greatest hits - and whatever else they have in store for you. The performance Sydney has waited a decade for has arrived. SCOOTER... ARE YOU READY?

Scott Brown:
Voted the world's Number One Hardcore DJ, Scattered is proud to welcome back Scott Brown. The owner of Evolution Records and Evolution Plus, Scott is responsible for anthems that have touched generations of ravers - from the old skool days of Now Is The Time and The Rezerection Anthem (Do what ya like) to Nu Skool anthems like Elysium Plus, Definition of a Bad Boy, Gang Bang Society, Neckbreaker and Boomstick. Despite his world #1 ranking he's one of the most down to earth people in the international scene, and is easily the most recognised name in the Hardcore movement. Without question, Scott Brown is one of the hardcore elite - and get ready for him to show you why at Scattered!

Sharkey – Kaotik, Resist, N.E.C, Freeformation UK
Kevin Energy - N.E.C, Nu Energy, Freeformation UK

Scattered is proud to host the UK’s Nu Energy Collective’s and Freeformation’s ‘Wise Up Get Stupid’ 2007 Australia / New Zealand tour featuring the head honcho crazy crowd pleasing DJ’s Sharkey and Kevin Energy straight from the UK. Hot off the heals of their ‘Wise Up Get Stupid’ CD and arguably the biggest year for the popularity of the Freeformation rave night, there’s been no better time to come and rock to two firmly established DJ’s that like nothing better then rocking a party and rocking alongside you! The crazy antics of Sharkey mixed up with the savvy of Kevin Energy, could any freeform lover possibly ask for anything more?

Supported by:
Suae - Amber Savage - Weaver - Archie - Fenix
Yoshi - Midian - ILLFX - Matrix - Pulsar - Team Rocket
Spank - Aladdin - Tymon - Haze - Refresh - Task

Hosted in the legendary Whitlam Centre, the venue of this party will be a spectacle just as big as our international performers. A true colossus of a venue, this indoor arena is a true testament to modern design - a massive sports stadium that holds thousands upon thousands of people on the dance floor complete with grandstand seating that will be open to the public all night, allowing everyone the opportunity to not only dance in a sea of thousands on the main floor, but also watch the party with a birds eye view of the stage from the grandstands.

For those of you who remember the old skool basketball stadium mega-events of yesteryear, the Whitlam Centre is more than twice the size of Alexandria Basketball Stadium and even bigger than the legendary Centennial Basketball Stadium in Minto - and that's not even taking into account our grandstands! However, what good is an epic venue and the cream of international live acts without the best in production? Scattered has always been infamous for ground breaking productions, and as we construct the biggest event yet you can be assured that trend will continue.

Imagine walking into our massive venue, and looking at the huge stage in front of you. There are hundreds of beams of lights sparkling in the air, being sliced by some of the most powerful laser systems in Australia, all bouncing around in time to one of your favorite songs being played on a thunderous sound system - yet still crystal clear. You decide to walk to the second room and are confronted by banging bass, intense production and an outdoor area to relax in.

Still exploring this massive venue, you decide that it's time for a break from the party. You head to the second outdoor area where you can find the amusement rides, market stalls, a bar and the VIP area. There's so much choice you don't know what to do... And that's the fun of it all, and the fun that people have out our events is why we're one of the most talked about parties in Sydney.

This is it, the party ravers have wanted for years. The biggest international act ever to appear at a Sydney rave, a pure dance party mega-venue and a production of epic proportions. This is Scattered. This is the party that people will be talking about for years to come. Get ready for the main event!

We are currently confirming an over 18 area for this event. Check scattered.net.au or overdrive.com.au for up to date details.



Do you want to get up close and personal with our performers, grab some autographs, chill in your own private area with VIP-only toilets, a VIP bar and plentiful cushions to relax on? Do you want free hot food till midnight, and somewhere to escape from the main event all night? Then you need to be a VIP. Head over to www.overdrive.com.au for more information about grabbing a VIP lanyard.

  Event Features:
SCOOTER! Debut Australian Performance
Massive legal venue
Plentiful parking
Two dance arenas
Two outdoor chillouts
Spectacular production
Multi-Level podiums
Carnival rides FREE all night
Market stalls

To keep up to date with the latest breaking news, any new party additions, interviews with our artists, for competitions or just to even tell us how pumped you are for this party, then visit us online at www.scattered.net.au.

Dress Code:
No "Polo" shirts
No Baseball Caps
Happy, positive party people only! Dress to dance in excess!
No bad attitudes or ill tempers will be tolerated.
Misbehaviour will be punished and offenders ejected from the premises permanently.
Tight but polite security and first aid facilities in abundant presence for your safety.
Right of admission is fully reserved, and the dress code WILL be enforced.


Early bird tickets: $55 + BF – only available on Overdrive

Early bird tickets with VIP lanyard: $75 + BF– only available on

First 1000 sales at overdrive and at Central Station records receive a free copy of the Scooter single "Behind The Cow"

Store Ticket Outlets: Standard Tickets: $77 + BF

All sales at overdrive go into the draw to win Scooter's full album back-catalogue including:
...and the Beat Goes On!
Our Happy Hardcore
Age Of Love
No Time To Chill
Back to the Heavyweight Jam
We Bring The Noise!
The Stadium Techno Experience
Mind the Gap
Who's Got The Last Laugh Now?
The Ultimate Aural Orgasm

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