age group: All ages


Funcore Five

date: Saturday 28th March, 2009 (9pm - 6am)

venue: 1902 262 522 after 6pm on the night.


Funcore Five
Keeping the happy vibe alive!

Sydney's favourite happy hardcore event is back! If you're new to Funcore, the name says it all: Funcore is a celebration of everything and anything Happy Hardcore. The entire night all you'll hear are the fattest happy tunes, old skool or new, mixed up by some of the best in the business. The music will take you on a journey through all the happy melodies that have made you jump, scream and wave those hands in the air! Think Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Happy Breakbeat, Happy Gabber, Euro Rave and anything and everything in between. With every set a different style, the music will constantly change and keep you bouncing on the dancefloor all night long!

So, why are we doing this? If you've been to a Funcore before, you know the answer. If not, the answer is simple: WE LOVE IT! How often do you go to a party and all you want to do is bounce, shuffle and stomp to a cranking happy hardcore set, but you have to wait hours to hear it because all that's getting played is trance, hardstyle, gabber or whatever else. Funcore was started for that reason alone; a cheap underground night that's about partying and not profits, a night for all the people who love happy hard! All you get is all we offer: Your favourite happy hard tunes, and some new ones you may not even know yet but we're sure you'll come to love, played all night in a cranking venue. A party just to have fun at, because that's all we want to do!

In this day and age of worry and seriousness, every now and then we just need to forget it all and lose it on the dance floor while singing along to your favorite song. If you love it happy, bouncy, uplifting, hard, stompy and just plain fun, then this party is just for you. Were looking forward to taking you on the journey to that special place on the dancefloor where theres not a care in the world. See you there!


-UK Hardcore-
[Come Into My Dreams]
-Self-Produced Showcase-
[Drop it!]
-Dutch Classics-
[Can't Stop Raving]
-95 to 98 Happy Hardcore-
Team Rocket
[Twenty Four Seven]
-99 to 03 Anthems-
[Take Me Away]
-Morning Mastery-
[Into The Night]
-Executive Digital Domination-
[Forever Young]
-Euro Rave-
+ A special surprise morning anthems set!

Tickets strictly limited and available online or via moshtix outlets. Funcore is purely for the happy hardcore crew. No attitude, no fuss or no hype, just a great little underground adventure. See you there!

Venue Details: 1902 262 522 after 7pm on the night.



Tickets only $25!
Funcore is still doing it right for the price you like. Cheap tickets & great tunes... What more can you ask for?

Or you can buy a ticket with a
Funcore Cd for only $30 9$5 more).
Strictly limited to the first 200 sales.

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